FEAST! Local Foods SCOOP: November 2018

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It's the November issue of The Scoop!
We hope you enjoy this special edition, chock full of special goings-on to coincide with our big event December 1st (and Nov 30 for industry insiders).

3 important takeaways:
  1. FEAST! should be on your calendar. Dec.1, 10am-4pm. Do it now.
  2. FEAST! Restaurant Week is Nov. 26-Dec. 1. (Pssst! Perfect for a date night!)
  3. The premiere issue of the FEAST! Local Foods Magazine hits stands Monday, Nov. 19 all around Rochester and beyond. If you can't find a copy in your co-op or grocery store, keep looking! (scroll down for a sneak peek!) 
—Brett Olson, Creative Director,
Renewing the Countryside


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FEAST! Local Foods SCOOP: October 2018

Got Local? | Eateries | Fresh & Tasty | Contest Fun! | Who's Fueling FEAST!?

OCTOBER 2018  |  ISSUE NO. 4

Welcome to the October issue of The Scoop!

We appreciate you reading and sharing this newsletter—please get in touch if you have suggestions or questions about The Scoop or FEAST!

As harvest season winds down, remember the FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace is a source of local products we can enjoy year-round. Make sure you've got December 1st on your calendar for the FEAST! festival!

—Pam Bishop, V.P. of Economic Development,
Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation


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Cannon Falls Harvest Fest hosts FEAST! vendors and more

Have you heard about the new Artisan Plaza in Cannon Falls? It's just the latest and greatest way to celebrate the creative, sustainable and enterprising local businesses in the Cannon Falls area. And Harvest Fest on Saturday, September 29, 2018 is the perfect time to get acquainted!

From 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, they'll have the local farmers market vendors along with a handful of FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace vendors exhibiting produce and products, plus craft vendors and other great activities. 

Vendors include...

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FEAST! Local Foods SCOOP: September 2018

Got Local? | Eateries | Fresh & Tasty | Contest Fun! | Who's Fueling FEAST!?


Welcome to the September issue of The Scoop!

You're doing great work to support local foods by reading and sharing this newsletter. We appreciate you! If you have suggestions for content, questions about The Scoop, or questions about FEAST!, we're all ears. (No corny joke here!)

Seriously, though, we hope you're enjoying the bounty of harvest season—many of the hard-working businesses that attend FEAST! are busy processing and preserving the seasonal freshness into local product we can enjoy year-round. We hope you've got December 1st on your calendar for the FEAST! Marketplace!

—Elena Byrne, Tradeshow & Communications Coordinator


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FEAST! Local Foods SCOOP: August 2018

Got Local? | Eateries | Fresh & Tasty | Contest Fun! | Who's Fueling FEAST!?

AUGUST 2018  |  ISSUE NO. 2

Welcome to the August issue of The Scoop!
We're glad to have a way to share happenings and contests.

In this issue, meet Pete Gengler of Sno Pac Foods, Tessa Leung of Grand Rounds Brewing Co., Jim Riddle and Joyce Ford of Blue Fruit Farm, the winners of our acronym contest challenge, and more!

Enjoy, share, and let us know what you think! 


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FEAST! Local Foods SCOOP is your new monthly connection to news & contests

Got Local? | Eateries | Fresh & Tasty | Contest Fun! | Who's Fueling FEAST!?

JULY 2018  |  ISSUE NO. 1

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Scoop!
We're glad to have a way to stay in touch each month and share with you some highlights and happenings, as well as some fun contests.

In this issue, meet John Peterson of Ferndale Market, Nicci Sylvester of TONIC, Lonny and Sandy Dietz of Whitewater Gardens Farm, and more—including a contest challenge that will stretch your word skills!

Enjoy, share, and let us know what you think! 


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Exhibitor applications sought for Fifth Annual FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace

Feast logo(June 19, 2018) – The Fifth Annual FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace is now accepting applications for food and beverage businesses from Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota for its event Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 2018, Mayo Civic Center.

FEAST! hosts more than 100 juried exhibitors who utilize locally grown ingredients when possible and operate at or near a distributor-ready scale. Exhibitors show, sample and sell their artisan food products to wholesale buyers and consumers during the two-day event. They also participate in a Friday tradeshow with networking and workshop sessions. (2017 exhibitors here).

FEAST! 2018 brings new opportunities for engagement, including a Virtual Pitch Experience and more interaction with wholesale buyers during the Friday tradeshow. FEAST! Restaurant Week returns, with local restaurants featuring FEAST! vendor products. The Saturday festival will once again invite the public to pick their favorite for the People’s Choice Award. Three new award categories, focusing on innovation, social benefit and booths/displays, have been added for 2018.

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The marriage of maple and oak: fall in love with B & E’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

by Elena Byrne


With the recent release of their Vintage 2017 batch of bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup, Bree Breckel and Eric Weninger have hit their stride. It’s their third batch, and they’ve gathered resources, earned fans, and created crazy demand.  

"Folks are eating - or drinking it- faster than we can fill the bottles!" says Bree.

B & E’s Trees has risen to regional fame with their inventive collaboration, combining the luxury of pure maple syrup with the decadence of bourbon. Their secret is to age the maple syrup in barrels formerly used to age bourbon which creates a precious sweetness. The symphony of maple and oak is an inspiration that belies the imagination—no longer just for pancakes, you’re motivated to go full out and do waffles. Or better yet, use it to add nuance and depth to countless other savory concoctions and delightful mixed drinks.

Bree and Eric started mapling by selling bulk to Maple Valley Co-op, with both working off-farm jobs to support their maple habit.  Then in 2013 a good friend connected them with Central Waters Brewing Co., and a plot of deliciousness was hatched.  Central Waters would source fresh Bourbon Barrels, B&E would use them to age their maple syrup, and then the maple soaked barrels would return to the brewery to age their Maple Barrel Stout.  

The initial batch of Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup hit shelves in the Autumn of 2015, and an extremely limited release of the Maple Barrel Stout was launched at the brewery in April 2017.

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Kids join the local food fun at the Feast! fest

by Elena Byrne


Partnering this year with the Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester, the Feast! Local Foods Marketplace festival planning team is happy to bring some new family-interactive fun to the festival’s Children’s Area. 

The Feast! mission involves connecting people with their food, so it’s fitting to feature the Farmers’ Market and Garden exhibits.

As seen in the museum pictures here, there’s lots of potential hands-on play for ages 3-8 to enjoy with parents and others. Kids can identify the veggies and load them into shopping baskets at the market, and plant “veggie” markers in the fabric rows of the garden.

For making it come to life on another level, the Museum’s play farm truck will be great for climbing on, loading up and hopefully, making some “vroom, vroom” sounds!

Also on loan from the Museum will be their (almost) life-sized Holstein cow model, another great way to keep farms in our hearts and minds. We won’t be surprised to see some grown-up kids sneaking in some photo ops! (It might be a perfect selfie station for those so inclined!)

Along with this partnership, all Minnesota Children’s Museum Rochester members can show their membership card at the festival entrance to get free youth admissions with any paid adult ticket. Also, the Museum will be handing out 2-for-1 general admission coupons in the week leading up to Feast!

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Health and flavor to grab and go!

by Kelli Wickard


What mom wants their child to eat an unhealthy breakfast? Not Sue Kakuk, founder of Kakookies!

When Sue found out that her daughter and her daughter’s friends were eating donuts before their collegiate cycling races, she took it upon herself to find a way to give nutritious breakfast on their big race days. Not only was it important to give her daughter a healthy breakfast, but also to provide something that was  convenient, individually wrapped and would fit easily in the back pockets of her daughter’s cycling jerseys. Sue started baking cookies and Kakookies was born.

        When she first started baking the cookies, Sue wanted to accommodate for needs of many people with dietary restrictions, so she began by substituting typical cookie ingredients for healthier alternatives, baking regular, gluten free, and vegan cookies. To her surprise, most people, vegan or not, chose to purchase the vegan cookie over any of the others. She took that information and ran with it. She said goodbye to the flour, dairy and eggs and added no other substitutes for these missing ingredients. Now, all of her cookies are completely vegan.


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