Extra-ordinary Pies

Pies are pies, right? Not according to Sara Hayden!  Using a little liquor and her mother’s pie crust recipe, Sara’s Tipsy Pies are far from ordinary. Whisky, wine and beer are common ingredients in all of your favorite pies crafted by Sara; however, it is not just the local alcohol that makes these pies unique.


In March of 2014, Sara began the “Pie with a Purpose” campaign to raise funds for the Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota. Partnering with a local brewery, Sara donates the proceeds from her two “give-back pies”, salted caramel apple and maple bacon apple, that are both made with beer from Minneapolis-based Finnegans. The campaign has already been able to donate $2,575 to the association—it’s close to Sara’s heart because her daughter Madi is living with Down Syndrome.   

“Everyone said it would be hard, and no doubt, there are extra worries and concerns with raising a child with special needs. But more than anything, having a child with Down Syndrome has been a joy, because having children is a joy,” shared Sara. “Madi’s diagnosis provided me with new perspectives, ways to love, and a deeper appreciation for the little things.”


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The True Story of True Dough

What do a corporate HR runaway and a full-time high school teacher have in common? They both love pizza night! Sisters Elizabeth Aarness and Rebecca Biederman have turned their love of pizza into a business, selling specialty “healthy” pizza doughs using local, organic food sources.


It all started when the sisters wanted to begin a family tradition of pizza night once a week with their children. However, the high cost of quality pizza or pizza layered in grease did not sound appealing. So the sisters worked together to create their own healthy pizzas at home.

Elizabeth and Rebecca began experimenting with healthy, creative options for the pizza dough. As the sisters started to perfect the pizza doughs, they began to give out their dough as gifts. People enjoyed the dough so much they started placing orders for more.


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FEAST Local Foods Network Wins Food Stewardship Award



Bill Swanson, Lanesboro; Jane Olive, UMN SE Regional Sustainable Development Partnership; Devon Ballinger, Renewing the Countryside (RTC); Brett Olson, RTC; Jan Joannides, RTC; Tim Penny, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF); Eli Goodwell, RTC; Pam Bishop, SMIF; Neal Cuthbert, The McKnight Foundation

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., June 20, 2016 - The FEAST Local Foods Network and its partners won the Environmental Initiative Award in the Food Stewardship category on Thursday, May 26. This program, hosted by the nonprofit Environmental Initiative, annually honors projects that have achieved extraordinary outcomes by harnessing the power of partnership.

The FEAST Local Foods Network is a collaborative network across Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin of local foods advocates. The FEAST Network organizes the annual Feast! Local Foods Marketplace. Partners accepting the award included Renewing the Countryside, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF), University of Minnesota Southeast Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, The McKnight Foundation, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Mayo Clinic and People's Food Co-op. The network was created to support local food producers and foodmakers by boosting access to financing, resources, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities...

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