Celebrate Earth Day by making plans for Every Day

Earth Day is a great time to reflect on our everyday habits and learn about new ways to play our part in helping make sustainable practices increasingly commonplace. Below is a great infographic from Pennington Creative, and we especially like suggestion #6, "Buy local produce" —though we'd also ADD: "and packaged foods from small, regional businesses that use local produce, grains, dairy and meat."  

Not only does buying from local and regional sources mean a smaller carbon footprint, it also means 

more transparency with farming practices and ingredients. And did you know: at the FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace, where we've had 266 different food businesses over 5 years, all of those delicious samples are offered using compostable cups and utensils! FEAST! is proud to be a ZERO-WASTE festival.

Oh, and by the way, we've given out about 4,000 reusable cloth bags over those years to festival-goers who fill them with local products (suggestion #8).

So yeah, we're pretty proud of that as we reflect on Earth Day 2019!

10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

From Visually.

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