About Us: FEAST! Local Foods Network

The FEAST! Local Foods Network is a partnership of many organizations, businesses, and individuals committed to growing a sustainable, local and regional food system that encourages innovation. As a result of our work, we hope to see current businesses flourish and new businesses get established.
The graphic at right shows the programs supported by the FEAST! Local Foods Network:
  • Peer Networks
  • Feast Financing
  • Grow a Farmer loan program 
  • Smart Start technical assistance program
  • FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace festival and tradeshow event


   •  To link entrepreneurs to information and business expertise

   •  To boost entrepreneurs access to financial support

   •  To increase and strengthen regional connections


FEAST! Local Foods Network
Programs are supported by:
Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, Renewing the Countryside, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, University of Minnesota Extension Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, City of Cannon Falls, Compeer Financial, Region Nine Development Commission, and many more.

See also our event sponsors.

If you'd like to know more and learn how to be involved, we'd love to hear from you! 




The FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace festival and tradeshow was created by the FEAST! Local Foods Network and launched in 2014.  

The event was created to see current local food producers and businesses in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin flourish, and for new businesses get established. Exhibitor applications are reviewed to select vendors with strong value propositions and local ingredient sourcing when possible. 

Industry-only Tradeshow: Regional food businesses who are accepted to attend have the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, technical assistance providers, and wholesale buyers during the Friday tradeshow.

Public Festival: At the Saturday festival the businesses offer samples, tell their story, and sell their artisan products to the public. Learn more on the event pages, here or view our photo gallery.

Final reports for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 events are linked here. Previous year reports are available upon request.

By developing a food system that continues to support local producers and foodmakers, we are also supporting the economic development in our region. This event was made to help businesses grow.

The FEAST! Local Foods Magazine was launched in November 2018 as a preview of the FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace and as a means for sharing the vision, goals, and people behind the event. Volume Two was produced the following year, released in October 2019. Both are available online here

In May of 2016 the Network received an award from the Environmental Initiative. Read more about that here.

During the second FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace in 2015, the KSMQ public television program Off 90 came to the tradeshow and interviewed Jan Joannides about the event, as well as talked with some of the vendors. Host Barbara Keith was very entertaining!

Please enjoy a great glimpse of FEAST! here:



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