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Interview with Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, Oct 25

Interview with Bob Schmidt, WLFN

Experts offer advice on placing value-added products in stores Kelly Boylen

Festival serves up a Feast of food information, Post Bulletin 

Feast! Festival celebrates local food, AgriNews

Local Farmers, Producers and Consumers Excited About Feast!, KAAL TV/ABC

Food producers meet food buyers at Feast, Post Bulletin



Simply Native Foods on OPI

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Spirit Creek PDF or webpage

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We're excited to be at the FEAST Festival in Rochester, MN Nov 2. Come see us there! 
We're excited to be at the FEAST Festival in Rochester, MN Nov 2. It will be a fun chance to see, sample and stock up on local and regional foods for the holidays. There will be live music, cooking demos, and kid's activities. Come see us there! 



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spirit_creek_farm.png SPACE Spirit Creek Farm is the place to find Fermented Vegetables in the Midwest! What they make: Kim Chi (Korean inspired), Purple & Green Sauerkraut, Ginger Carrots, Curtido (Latin inspired), Beets and Garlic Dill Beans! They are committed to local, sustainable, organic farming. Nearly all of the ingredients in their fermented vegetables are from organic growers in the upper-Midwest; primarily northern Wisconsin region.
keewaydin_farms.jpg   Keewaydin is a second generation farm that has been selling local product in the Twin Cities for ten years. They offer a wide range of produce included increasingly more season extension greens.
bare_honey.jpg   Bare Honey from St. Paul, MN brings nature's finest sweetener to life with spreadable consistencies and flavor infusions, all while raising awareness and building community around sustaining the bee population.
badgersett_logo.jpg   Badgersett sells Minnesota grown Chestnuts, Hickory/Pecan and Hazelnuts. All grown without pesticides and all differ from those grown in other regions.
yellow_river_dairy.png   Yellow River Dairy is a family owned and operated dairy goat farm in Northeast Iowa. All of their cheeses and dairy products are produced on-site using only their single-herd milk. Their goats are milked seasonally from spring to fall in order to stay true to their natural cycle. Without the stress of year round milking, their herd stays happy and healthy.
Backyard Flavors   Located in Maxwell, IA, Backyard Flavors uses their own organic produce when in season to create various salsas and sweet pickled jalapenos.


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