Kalona SuperNatural gears up for Feast! Local food festival

If you are interested using dairy products that help make organic farming a viable lifestyle for small family owned farms, Kalona SuperNatural™ may be the brand for you.

Most of the milk used to make Kalona SuperNatural products comes from small farms in the Midwest. In fact, they largely come from small, Amish and Mennonite family farms where the average dairy herd is 35 cows and where most of the work is still done by hand. The average size of these farms is about 90 acres, and many have been in the same family for up to 150 years. In many cases the land has never been touched by chemical herbicides or pesticides.

Kalona SuperNatural offers butter, cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt, Greek yogurt, milk, cheese and sour cream made in the simplest ways possible, which allows consumers to enjoy it in its most natural state.  Keeping things natural is important to the folks at Kalona SuperNatural. ”We think it’s better for the people eating it and it’s better for the environment,” says Steve Young-Burns, sales director.


In 1988, Bill Evans, his wife, and their six children moved to back to Iowa. He started to put down roots in a community largely comprised of Amish and Mennonite farmers Kalona in 1994.

In 2005, he started Kalona Organics distributing Farmer’s All Natural Creamery dairy products and Cultural Revolution yogurt. In 2010 these brands were consolidated under the family brand name Kalona SuperNatural.

Today, the company, operating out of Kalona, Iowa, has become an essential part of ensuring that small organic farmers can share their all natural, high-quality products. Kalona SuperNatural prides itself on the fact that they know the farm families they work with, and that those families are invested in the integrity and quality of the products.

“There are so many exciting things going on!” says Mindy Seiffert,  director of marketing  “We are continuing to expand our distribution, we have added organic whole milk Greek yogurt and organic cheese to our product line in 2014 and have some very exciting new products planned for 2015.”

 “We strive to keep our products local and to ensure a fair and stable pay price. But our farmers tell us the biggest advantage to working with Kalona SuperNatural is that they can focus on working in the fields instead of worrying about sales and marketing. By spending more time in the field, our farmers are able to increase their level of production, which is essential to the success of any small farmer,” says Evans.

You’ll have a unique opportunity to visit with the folks from Kalona SuperNatural at the Feast! Festival & Tradeshow in Rochester, MN on Sunday, Nov. 2

Evans says Kalona SuperNatural is looking to increase their brand awareness in the Midwest, and they are seeking new brands to add to our Kalona Organics portfolio. They are also looking forward to networking with other manufacturers and customers.

The Feast! Festival is your prime stop to satisfy your curiosity about local foods.  Visitors will be able to taste and purchase a variety of foods that are locally made throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Meet the farmers and artisans and hear the stories behind their foods. Admission to the festival is $5 for adults and $2 for children. There is an additional charge for beer and wine tasting.

Following the Festival, the Tradeshow on Nov. 3 will offer an exclusive experience for exhibitors to network with buyers.

For more information about the Feast! Festival & Tradeshow, please visit www.local-feast.org. To keep in touch with the latest updates, like Feast! Local Food Network on Facebook, follow @Local_Feast on Twitter and use #localFEAST to make sure your voice is heard.




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