Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing: Setting Your Taste Buds on Fire


Mankato, MN (October 13, 2014) – “Have you ever tried hot sauce with popcorn?” This was the question that started it all for Mark Porisch, founder of Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing. Porisch always had a fondness for peppers and even grew them in his own backyard. When his friends returned from a trip to Mexico and began asking questions about the creation of hot sauce an idea sparked. Porisch began making small batches of sauce and giving them to his friends to try with their popcorn.


“Your friends will always say your sauce is good when you’re giving it to them for free” said Porisch on his skepticism if his sauce was really something special. He learned the truth when asked to place his honey mustard sauce at a local restaurant in North Mankato. The sauce was a hit! Porisch began taking his sauces to local farmers markets in 2008. “People who weren’t my friends were buying my sauce and coming back for more.”


Today you can find an assortment of Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing’s naturally flavored honey mustards, Louisiana-style hot sauces and BBQ sauces in local grocery stores. The sauces are made with Minnesota-grown peppers. Porisch attributes his unique flavors to the different variety of peppers used. Each pepper has a different heat level which allows him to create anything from a mild hot sauce to one that will set your mouth a blaze.


Factors that Porisch says have contributed to his success are the networks he has built by attending farmers markets. “Everyone loves to share their story and from those stories we can learn new things” says Porisch. This is what excites Porisch about being an exhibitor at the Feast! Festival and Tradeshow in Rochester on November 2nd and 3rd.


The Feast! Festival, November 2nd, will offer you a unique opportunity to sample some of Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing as well as other locally made foods throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. The Festival is open to the public. Admission is $5/adults and $2/children. There is an additional charge for sampling the local beer, wine, and hard cider. Following the Festival, the Tradeshow on November 3rd will offer an exclusive opportunity for exhibitors to network with buyers. Porisch is looking forward to being able showcase his product in front of prospect buyers. A future goal of Lucky’s Popcorn Dressing is to expand the sales into a regional presence.


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