What makes Feast! different?

In case you didn't notice, Feast! is not just another food show. It's local, and it's innovative.Ferndale Market

As the name says, Feast! Local Foods Marketplace is very much about LOCAL foods, and all that that implies. For regional economic vitality, for transparency in the food system, and for environmental considerations like food miles, Feast! carries with it a strong emphasis on supporting local and regional food businesses in their efforts to follow a sustainable model that incorporates LOCAL sourcing of ingredients.

Starting a food business is complex and costly, and it has always been important to Feast planners that we keep the costs of attending low, in order to foster our regional food businesses that are striving to grow and watching every dollar.  Enter our sponsors.

Whether it's a major premier partner like Mayo Clinic (full list here) or one of the many smaller and in-kind sponsors, all of them have expressed support for the Feast mission. They have dedicated resources — both financial and staffing — to help us work creatively to keep Feast booth costs low, provide educational & networking sessions at no extra charge, and include meals (sourced locally when possible).

Read on to see a comparison of some regional and national show costs...

If you're not aware of the exhibiting costs food businesses pay to attend some of the other regional and national food shows, the graph below is an easy way to see the dramatic differences. Of course a regional show is very different from a national one in many ways...

booth cost comparison

While other food shows can be congested and impersonal, Feast! tends to be more intimate, where the Feast planners know your name and there's space to talk shop.

While other shows are flooded with miles of exhibitors and may have little concern for individual businesses, Feast planners are invested in seeing our regional businesses succeed. 

We have worked to improve the event for each of the years following the inaugural Feast! in 2014 by seeking feedback from exhibitors, buyers, and the public. The event has been growing each year. 

Feast! has two pricing categories that reflect business size, and a long discount window for early bird exhibitor applications. Speaking of which...the early bird period for exhibitors ends on August 15.

Check out the application info here, and if you have additional questions, email [email protected].

See you in December!

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