Mademoiselle Miel

Minnesota’s beekeeping chocolate maker! 

Mademoiselle Miel's artisan made honey bon•bons are a brilliant explosion of exceptional local rooftop honey and award-winning 100% chocolate, a confection surpassing comparison.
Minnesota Monthly Magazine reviewed honey bon–bons as one of the best chocolates in the state describing them as a "locavore bon–bon with a finish as long and complex as that of a fine whiskey." Minnesota Public Radio said it best, "it’s a perfect combination . . . just a joy."

Awards include: NY Times, Forbes Magazine, USA Today, Best of Twin Cities, Top 10 Chocolatier in North America International Chocolate Awards / Bronze

342 Kellogg Blvd W.
Saint Paul, MN
Contact: Beaumont Kusilek
[email protected]



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• Honey Bon-Bons
• 70% Bar
• White Bar
• White Coffee Bar
• Star Bar
• Honey Hot Chocolate Bomb






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