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The Grow a Farmer Fund provides small-scale sustainable farmers lower-interest loans to help them improve their operations and increase their bottom lines.  You can read more about the fund at Slow Money MN, and on our blog.

The Fund is a revolving loan fund managed by the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation. It offers lower-interest loans of up to $15,000 to individuals in SMIF's 20-county region. Eligible farmers can apply here. '










Investment Amount  

Up to $15,000

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Demonstrates a need for financing through a short, sound business plan
  • Projects sufficient income to repay their loan within an appropriate time frame
  • Demonstrates good character and a strong commitment to a business plan
  • Non-citizens must provide copy of Alien Registration Card (both sides)
  • Demonstrates a current and future commitment to farming in SMIF's 20-county region

Use of Funds

  • Inventory
  • Supplies, including feed
  • Working Capital
  • Machinery/Equipment

Ineligible Use

  • Conventional Agriculture
  • Real estate purchases

Loan Terms

  • 3% interest rate
  • Loan term is determined by the use of the funds
  • Collateral can be negotiated
  • Personal guarantees are requested
  • No loan fees for client

Application Process

  • Grow a Farmer Fund Loan Application
  • Current business plan
  • Cash flow projections for a minimum of 12 months
  • Balance sheet
  • Two years of personal income tax returns of the principal owners
  • Two years of business financial statements and income tax returns (existing businesses)


For more information or to obtain a Grow a Farmer Loan Application, contact Marcia Haley at 507-455-3215 or [email protected], or visit our website at


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