Zero Waste

Feast is a low/zero waste event. Beyond recycling and minimizing waste, we promote organics recycling (composting) at the Mayo Civic Center. In their organics recycling program, all food scraps, soiled paper, food-service items and certified compostable foodware are placed in a single container. Waste Management picks up the waste and delivers it to a composting facility. After six to nine months, the material has been recycled into compost that is put to good use in landscaping and road construction projects.

All vendors at feast must use compostable food ware items to sample their products. This can be a simple as wooden toothpicks, paper cups and napkins. Please be aware that certain paper items, like dixie cups, are lined with plastic. Please look for certified compostable items.

Compostable Sampling Supplies
Here are some good examples of compostable sampling supplies and sellers. Feast does not endorse any specific product or vendor. Contact [email protected] with questions.

Suggested Compostable Products:


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