Cooking with Love, I put together these mouthwatering flavors from my homeland, Trinidad and Tobago. Loving Jamaica and Grenada as my homes away from home and respecting the closeness the south has with Caribbean Cuisine. These Signature Gourmet sauces are perfect for dipping, basting, marinating, and so much more! It will transform your meal into "Dat Real Island Delight"! And did we mention that it is Locally sourced, Non-GMO, Cholesterol Free, Gluten Free, and Vegan Friendly.
Saint Paul, MN
Contact: Sharon Richards-Noel
[email protected]


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• Mississippi Market
• Wedge Coop
• HyVee, Owatonna & Rochester #2

•Better Be Quiet Barbeque Sauce
•Not Only Jamaican Jerk Sauce
•Caribbean Hot Pepper Sauce




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