Treats by T ~the pepper people

Tom and Trudi (the husband and wife team that owns and operates Treats by T) create delicious ghost pepper sauce using home grown peppers for a perfect balance of sweet and a little heat. Also known as The Pepper People, Trudi and Tom harvest from their garden in Northfield the day peppers ripen and set to work making small batches of sauce to craft the freshest product available. Trudi and Tom also create flavored salts (using fresh ingredients from their garden blended into kosher salt) to give your favorite foods a kick. They even offer a 'x-tra hot ghost pepper sauce' for folks who may be looking for a bit more heat 🔥 .
Northfield, MN
Contact: Trudi Lloyd 
[email protected]



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• Ghost Pepper Sauce
• Ghost Pepper Sauce X- Hot
• Salt, Basil
• Salt, Rosemary
• Salt, Scorpion




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