Delicious grab-n-go soft-baked cookies made with clean, superfood ingredients. A wholesome, convenient, "better for you" snack or treat that's perfect anytime, anywhere.  All Kakookies have plant-based protein and are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and soy-free and made with nothing artificial.

Sailor Mercy is a female owned small business based out of Stillwater, MN. We use all high end organic ingredients, plus honey that is local to Stillwater and Pure Maple Syrup from Spring Valley, WI. We believe in offering quality products and taking great care of our customers. We always small batch for quality control and to ensure our customers are getting the best products!
Stillwater, MN
Contact: Dani Dircks and Abigail DeMars 
[email protected]



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• Elderberries - Whole Dried
• Elderberry Syrup Making Kit
• Elderberry Syrup - No Spice
• Elderberry Syrup - Traditional
• Elderberry Syrup - Vegan
• Fire Cider
• Honey - Raw




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