Josey Chu is a Singaporean native who graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The taste of her native Singapore has always been her comfort food. She has been cooking and sharing her traditional Southeast Asian cuisine with her family and friends for decades. Based on rave reviews, Josey finally decided to produce and share the flavors of her grandmother’s recipes by recreating a collection of sauces and pastes.

Madame Chu is a local producer in Madison, Wisconsin specialized in Southeast Asian Delicacies. All products are handmade in small batches and produced locally using all-natural ingredients (no MSG, non-GMO, no Gluten Added, Vegan, Vegetarian). The company offers handcrafted products representing the authentic flavors and techniques passed from generation to generation with a mission to fill the void of Southeast Asian flavors in the market.
Sun Prairie, WI
Contact: Josey Chu 
[email protected]


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• Metcalfe's Hilldale
• Varsity Meat
• Conscious Carnivore

• Ginger Garlic Sauce
• Sambal Nyonya
• Satay Peanut



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