Leafy Legacy Herb Farm

We are licensed grower-producers. We grow herbs naturally on our farm and then minimally process them by hand for the kitchen. We produce heirloom herb teas, herb-infused drink syrups, and savory herb salts. Our handcrafted local herbal teas provide comfort and supportive therapy for cold or flu.

Lanesboro, MN
Contact: Jane S Peck 
[email protected]



 Find in Stores:
• Parkway Market, Lanesboro, MN

• Gift bag (One Salt, One Tea, One Syrup)
• Basil Herb Salt
• Chive Herb Salt
• Oregano Herb Salt
• Mint Herb Tea
• Lemon Verbena Herb Tea
• Mint-infused Drink Syrup
• Lavender-verbena Infused Drink Syrup
• Winter Spice Infused Drink Syrup
• Nettle-Mint Herb Tea



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