On our beautiful 5 acres of organically-managed land in Southeastern Minnesota, we grow health - healthy soil, healthy fruit, and healthy lives. Through our aronia berries, black currants, blueberries, elderberries, honeyberries, juneberries, cherry plums and plums, we bring wonderful tasting fruits to our customers and educate on the powerful health benefits of what we grow!

Winona, MN
Contact: Katie Lange 
[email protected]


Order for curbside pickup Dec 11

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• Blueberry Jam
• Bluebarb Jam (Blueberry and rhubarb)
• Aronia Jam
• Aronia Blue Jam (Aronia berry and blueberry)
• Blue Fruit Medley Jam (Blueberry, plum and aronia)
• Cherry Blue Jam (Cherry plums and blueberry)
• Aronia Juice
• Aronia Pear Juice
• Blue Fruit Juice (Blueberry, aronia, and pear)
• Aronia Berries (frozen)



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