Mama Stoen's: Gluten Free Products Everyone Will Love

Mama Stoen’s started when Christine Stoen was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in August of 2009. Celiac Disease causes damage to the lining of the small intestinal wall and prevents proper absorption of important nutrients the body needs. This diagnosis forced Christine to change to a gluten-free diet. Later that month, the Stoen’s youngest daughter, Gracie, was also diagnosed with Celiac Disease. After six years of trying different recipes, she finally created gluten-free recipes that she and her family love. Now the recipes have become a line of gluten-free products that taste every bit as good as gluten-containing foods but without the gluten, corn and nuts.


Mama Stoen’s offers a variety of baking mixes including angel food cake, chocolate cake, cornbread, brownie,  banana bread, cookie, bread, carrot cake, pizza crust, and pancake or waffle mix that do not make you sacrifice the taste and textures.

“Our family really likes the pizza crust mix because it tastes like a regular pizza,” shared Christine. “You can’t even tell that it is gluten-free!”


Like most businesses, Mama Stoen’s initially had challenges trying to get their brand out to the world. Now, their products are found in about 100 stores located in six different states. Christine boasts their angel food cake mix is the best on the market.

This will be Mama Stoen’s third consecutive year of participating at the Feast! Local Foods Marketplace festival on December 3rd at the Mayo Civic Center. When asked why they decide to keep coming back to  Feast!, Christine answered, “I really enjoy seeing the different vendors on the day of the tradeshow and learning about their businesses. I also love meeting all of the people during the festival!”


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