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We believe that local food is essential. 

It is essential to our local economy, to the health of our communities, and to the environment. 

Join the Local Food is Essential movement—

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The Local Food is Essential movement was founded by local non-profits, businesses, and farming organizations in response to the unexpected challenges facing producers and makers in the MN/WI food system as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This worldwide health event has shown just how important and precarious food access can be, and how essential it is to have a strong, vibrant local food system. Unfortunately, local farmers and food producers who rely on sales to restaurants, schools, corporate campuses, farmers markets, and colleges face diminished access to these markets and may face financial consequences as a result. You can help by joining the Local Food is Essential movement and purchasing locally gown and made food products.

Joining the movement will open your eyes to more farms and ways to connect to local foods, in addition to adding your voice to the chorus as we emerge from the lessons of the pandemic and move towards a more sustainable, more farmer-forward future.

Will you take the Pledge today?

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