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AUGUST 2019  |  VOL. 2, NO. 2

Where did summer go?

Hopefully you're still enjoying summery days and plenty of fresh veggies, but we all know the cool nights are a harbinger...well, let's not say it! 

This month we're sharing profiles on Seven Sundays and Keepsake Cidery, introducing you to our partner, Agricultural Utilization Research Initiative, and letting you know about some great demos at the Minnesota State Fair (going on now!). And enter this month's contest—with a photo—to win a muesli variety pack from Seven Sundays!

Also: if you'd like to support the FEAST! Local Foods Magazine by placing an ad, the deadline has been extended to Aug. 30! 

—FEAST! Local Foods Network team members 


Got Local?

Seven Sundays


Hannah and Brady Barnstable discovered muesli while trekking in New Zealand on their honeymoon. When they returned home, they missed this breakfast tradition made of oats, fruits, nuts and seeds. The few versions available in stores didn’t compare to what they had discovered in New Zealand, so Hannah decided to re-create it. What started as a personal quest to have great muesli at home has now turned into Seven Sundays: a successful and growing business.

The core of their muesli recipe, organically-grown oats, are high in protein and gluten-free. For farmers, growing oats is good for soil health, so Seven Sundays is helping drive change in agriculture by providing a new market for organic oats.  

Hannah and Brady also aim to drive change in people’s morning routine by getting them hooked on this simple, whole food breakfast. Hannah has referred to muesli as a blank slate, allowing you to customize it to your taste—hot or cold, with fresh fruit, yogurt, honey, or just about anything. It beats granola, nutritionally speaking, because it is much lower in fat and sugar, and is either raw or just lightly toasted.

It's also a great way to get your superfoods boost—like chia, flax, nuts and buckwheat, which they source from local farmers Doug and Lin Hilgendorf of Whole Grain Milling in Welcome, MN. Not familiar with why buckwheat is special? Read this! 

Seven Sundays muesli is gluten free, and even comes in grain-free varieties. You can bake with it, mix it into pancakes, cookies or muffins. Visit their blog for ideas and recipes, and if you're going to the MN State Fair, come to the Eco Experience building—they'll be offering samples EVERY DAY through Sept. 2nd!

Pictured: Hannah and Brady in New Zealand, where they discovered muesli

“We chose the name Seven Sundays because Sundays, for us, represent a slower-paced, intentional way of living where you do the things that really matter to you. We hope our muesli helps people extend that mindset into all seven days of the week.” 

Seven Sundays ingredients are selected with attention to quality and land stewardship. They source from regional farmers when possible, currently engaging additional farmers to grow more oats as their business grows. 


Muesli [ˈmyoosli] was first created at the turn of the 20th century by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner as a healthful dietary supplement for his patients.  

Seven Sundays website
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Healthy Local Food Demos at the MN State Fair 

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that state fairs are FULL of enticing food. But did you know that the Eco Experience building at the Minnesota State Fair is full of healthy, local food, with demonstrations by a wide range of chefs? 

Twelve days, with three demos a day. Every day. 

For example, if you were there on Saturday, 8/24, you would have seen demos from Chef Lachelle Cunningham of Chelles' Kitchen. On Wednesday, 8/28, it's James Beard Award-winner Beth Dooley, and on Thursday, 8/29, learn from Saba Andualem (pictured), the Cook Fresh Program Manager at Urban Roots

These and other chefs will share their unique flair for using artisan grains—the focus of this year's Healthy Local Food Exhibit, hosted by Renewing the Countryside and the Artisan Grain Collaborative.


1265 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55108

Full schedule of Local Chef Cooking Demos




Fresh & Tasty

Keepsake Cidery

Nate Watters and Tracy Jonkman, co-owners of Keepsake Cidery, first planted apple trees on their Northfield-area farm in 2014, planning to eventually grow 100% of the apples they needed. In the meantime, though, Nate spent a lot of time talking with apple growers throughout the region to source the best cider apples he could while waiting for his trees to mature. 

Along the way he formed some lasting relationships with other growers and cider makers, and realized he'd continue buying from other growers, and that they all needed to stay connected. With some inspiration from cider teacher Peter Mitchell, he helped create the Minnesota Cider Guild—a membership of about 20 cideries and orchards that's been important for things like communicating about supply and demand for cider apples, occasional harvest assistance, and especially, building community. 

Pictured: Nate and Tracy with their kids, who they refer to as their "best crop." 
Credit: Tj Turner @tjturnerpicture


Did you know?

Some of the best apples for cider are actually crabapples—and others that you'd never eat. Meanwhile, it can be difficult to make a nice-tasting cider from a great eating apple. 

You can visit their farm and tasting room on weekends for samples, including some special limited-run batches, and even enjoy live music on Saturdays from 5-7—along with local food: "toasties, soups, and more." 

Read more about Keepsake Cidery in this 2018 article from The Growler, and check out their website/social channels to stay tuned!


4609 135th St E, Dundas, MN 55019

Keepsake Cidery website
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Are you a foodie? Do you take pictures of your food? For this month, here's our request: Share the most recent pic you've taken of local food!

Reply here with your pic to enter, or enter by posting your pic on our social media using the hashtag #LocalFeastFTW (as in, For The Win!)
We'll reveal the winner at the end of the month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay tuned!

The Prize:
Win a variety pack of muesli from this month's profile company, Seven Sundays! You'll get to try three varieties: Wild & Free, Classic Bircher, and Early Riser...plus you'll get a jar that's perfect for soaking muesli overnight!


CONGRATULATIONS to our contest winner from July:

Heather Marg!

Heather said her favorite local food is "any fruit, because locally grown fruit is leaps and bounds above anything from the grocery store in flavor!" 
Heather received a canister of malt powder from CTL Foods—featured in last month's SCOOP. 
How many local foods products have you tried?


Who's Fueling FEAST!?

Agricultural Utilization Research Initiative (AURI)

AURI is a unique resource for businesses looking to create more value for Minnesota's agricultural products. Their specialized staff and facilities offer a broad array of services, including applied research and product development, which can really make a difference in moving a product into the marketplace. In addition to food, they provide services for biobased products, renewable energy, and coproducts (sometimes called by-products).

AURI has been an engaged partner for the FEAST! Network from the beginning, assisting with planning for the tradeshow and serving on the jury that reviews exhibitor applications, as well as being a sponsor. They've worked with hundreds of businesses, both large and small, in and near Minnesota, and are well-situated to make a difference in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Pictured: AURI's Project Development Director—Food, Jason Robinson, moderated a panel at the FEAST! 2018 tradeshow. 

Robinson says, "FEAST!'s commitment to providing exposure and education for small food businesses enhances both AURI’s reach and programming, in service to our mission of fostering economic benefit for Minnesota through value added agriculture. In particular, the FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace is an annual “don’t miss” event for anyone involved in the food innovation ecosystem!"

To keep abreast of all of AURI's happenings, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to their newsletter.

AURI website

The FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace is a production of the FEAST! Local Foods Network, which is always open to new members. Founded by Renewing the Countryside (RTC) and Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF), both the Network and the Marketplace depend on collaboration with partner organizations and individuals.  
The Network supports local food growers and makers by boosting access to financing, peer networking, and sales opportunities. We welcome you to share this newsletter with the buttons below.

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