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triplecrownnew.jpg Acme Organics produces Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a three-time blue premium winner at the Minnesota State Fair. Triple Crown is certified organic, gluten-free and vegan and available in retail and food service packaging.
 alemar.jpg Alemar Cheese from Mankato, MN creates French-inspired soft-ripened cheese. They are founded on the premise that great ingredients coupled with patience, knowledge and passion can produce extraordinary results.
 ames_farm.jpg Ames Farm Ltd is a farm with 17 bee yards spread over central and southern Minnesota. Their operations are housed in an old dairy barn near Watertown, Minnesota. They produce over a dozen varieties of high quality, raw Single-Source Honeys, Table Honey, Pure Beeswax Candles, Bee Pollen, and other bee products.
 backyardFlavors_logo-color.png Located in Maxwell, IA, Backyard Flavors uses their own organic produce when in season to create various salsas and sweet pickled jalapenos.
 badgersett_logo.jpg Badgersett sells Minnesota grown Chestnuts, Hickory/Pecan and Hazelnuts. All grown without pesticides and all differ from those grown in other regions.
 BANG_logo.png Bang Brewing, based in St. Paul, MN, is a small scale brewing focused on sustainability and making the most out of a few quality ingredients.  Most ingredients come from small farmers the couple behind Bang has gotten to know, and that relationship drives the business.  With a dedication to being organic, all of the ingredients used in their brews are certified organic.
bare_honey.jpg  Bare Honey from St. Paul, MN brings nature's finest sweetener to life with spreadable consistencies and flavor infusions, all while raising awareness and building community around sustaining the bee population.
basslakecheese.jpg  A family owned cheese factory located in Western Wisconsin. The factory was bought over 20 years ago with the goals of making high quality Artisan cheeses out of not just cows milk but goats milk as well. Some of their more popular cheeses are Juusto Leipa a Finnish Baked Bread Cheese and their numerous Goat Milk Cheeses like plain Chevre and Habanero Goat Jack. Tradeshow only.
blue_fruit_farm.png  Certified organic perennial blue fruit farm specializing in high antioxidant fruits. Examples being aronia, black currants, blueberries, blue plums, elderberries, honey berries, jostaberries, and juneberries.
braubeer.jpg  Brau Brothers Brewing Company: A throw-back to a time when breweries were an expression of a community & region as well as an inherent crossroads between the grower,brewer & beer lover!
cannon_river_winery.jpg Cannon River Winery located in Cannon Falls, MN has award-winning wines that are handcrafted on-site mixing old traditions with new and combining local techniques with those from around the world. Opening each bottle of their wine offers a glimpse into a unique and time-perfected process. *
caves_of_faribault.jpg Located within a tall sandstone bluff, Caves of Faribault are makers of cave-aged specialty cheeses. (Tradeshow Only)
century_sun_oil.jpg Century Sun Oil from Pulaski, WI produces certified organic high oleic sunflower oil. Organic farmers in Wisconsin grow the sunflowers and they store, process and bottle the oil in their facility.
clarascomfortfood.jpg Clara’s Comfort Food features delicious Authentic German Sausage that is additive and preservative free – but FULL of flavor.
Clover_Valley_Farms_logo.jpg  Clover Valley Farms and Vinegary is based in Duluth, MN and has a vision to enhance the quality of life for our community through farming practices that lead to better environmental quality and a rich array of whole foods, while keeping balance between work and things that keep us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually renewed. They will be showcasing a new line of culinary fruit and herb infused vinegars.
colonelpabst.jpg  Colonel Pabst, of Milwaukee, WI, produces a beer-based, craft brewed, Worcestershire Sauce. We start with a Milwaukee brewed all-malt amber lager beer and add 21 other all natural ingredients from around the world. It is a rich and delicious Worcestershire Sauce that pairs beautifully with meats, cheeses and vegetables.
 Contract Comestibles Out of East Troy, WI, Contract Comestibles is a small batch organic food processor. (Tradeshow Only)
 cool_jerk.jpg Cool Jerk makes sweet and savory beef jerky, inspired by traditional Southeast Asian recipes. With taste and texture unlike any jerky you've tried before, Cool Jerk is a snack in a league of its own!
 Country Fresh Produce Amish and other farmers bring in produce and flowers grown in SE Minnesota and auctions them to public. Services wholesale, restaurants, food service and end user market. (Tradeshow Only)
 Country_view_dairy.jpg Country View Dairy makes all-natural yogurt & frozen yogurt products right on farm using milk from their own cows. Their products are non-homogenized with cream on top and all 1% low-fat.
 croix_valley_foods.jpg Croix Valley from River Falls, WI produces award-winning sauces, marinades, dry rubs and Bloody Mary Seasonings.
curly_girlz_candy.jpg  Curly Girlz Candy makes handmade, gourmet chocolates and candies using fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever possible. their candies are all natural and feature no preservatives or artificial ingredients and offer a line of sugar-free, allergen free items as well.
 diana_and_daughters.jpg Diana and Daughters makes a product called Augusta's Antipasto. They are based out of Cedarburg, WI and this product is a savory Italian dipping sauce filled with local Wisconsin vegetables, this recipe came from the makers Italian grandparents. This dipping sauce is a perfect companion with crackers or used as a cooking sauce.
 duluth_preserving_co.png Duluth Preserving Company’s jams are defined by their simplicity of ingredients—fruits, spices, and sweeteners. Careful processing in small, handmade batches creates jams of high quality and fresh taste. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, Duluth Preserving Company uses fruits whose flavors represent the Great Lakes region: strawberries, cranberries, plums, apples, and blueberries.  (Festival only)
 everetts.jpg From Green Bay, WI, Everett Fisheries is family run and has been commercial fishing since 1889 and smoking fish since 1950. Everything is caught out of Lake Superior and Everett's smokes all of their own fish.
 featherstone.jpg Featherstone Farm is a 250 acre certified organic farm located in the bluff country around Rushford, Minnesota, producing fresh market fruits and vegetables for natural food stores, wholesalers, and CSA Members in the region.
ferndale_market.jpg  As a third-generation family farm in Cannon Falls, MN Ferndale Market continues to grow their turkeys the same way they have for 75 years: free-range, without antibiotics, and processed naturally. They market their turkey through our on-farm store and direct sell over 25 finished turkey products to a network of retailers, restaurants, and foodservice accounts.
fifth_season_coop.jpg  Fifth Season Cooperative is a full-service, local food broker. Each member class represents a piece of the local food infrastructure. The co-op builds upon what is already here, working alongside of the larger food system. The co-op retains the identity of each food product that we sell, connecting the end-user with the farm or processor, putting a face to the food. (Tradeshow Only)
flower_valley_vineyard.png  A small family owned vineyard and winery started in 2002 with one acre of grapes. The vineyard has grown to 12 acres in the past 12 years. They currently produce over 9000 bottles of wine using 95% of the grapes they grow and they are all cold climate hardy. (Festival Only)
fourdaughters.jpg  Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery, of Spring Valley, MN offers beautiful views of their vineyards while sipping a glass of their on-site produced wine and ordering from their one of a kind menu. (Festival Only)
fourelements.jpg  Four Elements Herbals is located in the pristine Baraboo Bluffs of central Wisconsin. They have 130 acres of prairies and woodland growing diverse species from which they carefully select plants for their products. They hand harvest their specialty herbs at their peak potency and blend them in small batches to create herbal teas, tinctures and more.
freshwithedge.png  Fresh with Edge is a hydroponic and aquaponic production facility in Rochester specializing in living herbs and greens that the customer is able to harvest fresh!
fruitsnutsvegs.jpg  Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables cultivates over 20 types of gourmet mushrooms as well as produce mushroom cultivation supplies.

Using a patented growing equipment, Garden Fresh Farms from Maplewood, MN grows leafy green vegetables and herbs year-round, indoors, in re-purposed warehouse buildings.

Gluten Free Kitchen 

Commercial bakery dedicated to a total gluten-free kitchen.


Barnstormer® Granola is a product of Good Eatin' LLC, a family-owned business, based in the Twin Cities. They make three blends of Gluten-Free granola.


Located in Desot, WI, got2havpie produces frozen ready to use pie crusts and dough's. Their dough's are hand cut and folded for the consumer market. With a dedication to organic practices, farming & food, environmental and community sustainability. (Tradeshow Only)

grandmas_gourmets.jpg Moving from farmers markets to wholesale, Grandma's Gourmets are a small food processor specializing in jams, jellies, salsas, pickles and shrub. They are based out of Albert Lea, MN and have been featured in the Albert Lea Magazine. They are members of Minnesota Grown and source as many of their ingredients locally.
grass_run.jpg  Grass Run Farms is a collaboration of family-run farms in the Upper Midwest producing and marketing our region's best 100% grass-fed beef.
gray_duck_chai.jpg  Gray Duck Chai produces small batch, traditionally-crafted chai. Their blends are made from organic, fair trade tea from the Assam region of India where chai originates. The day we brew, organic spices are milled by hand, fresh raw ginger is added, as well as just enough sweetness to bring out the full flavor or the spice.
grovelandconfections.jpg  From Minnetonka, MN, Groveland Confections makes fresh, handmade confections and sauces made from scratch everyday using high quality, fresh, organic ingredients. (Festival Only)
harmony_specialty.png  From Westfield, WI, Harmony Specialty Dairy produces all of their own milk and make it into artisanal cheeses. They produce our own products and sell directly to consumers at farm markets and trade shows.  (Festival only)
hastings.jpg  Headquartered in Hastings Minnesota, Hastings Cooperative Creamery is a local, farmer owned cooperative organized in 1914. They have over 120+ local farmers market their raw milk through the Coop.
Health_Glen.jpg HealthGlen Farm & Kitchen from Forest Lake, MN has a range of berries grown on their farm and makes them into excellent preserves and beverage syrups. Their product has been highlighted in Saveur Magazine and has been highlighted in the Wine Spectator Magazine. 
hiddenstream.png Hidden Stream Farm produces MSG free meat, beef and pork with no chemicals or antibiotics based on a grass fed family farm. We are located near Elgin, MN not far from the bluffs of the Mississippi River. We raise our animals using a grass-based system. This allows us to farm in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way. It also allows us to produce a product free of any unwanted antibiotics and/or hormones. We are proud producers of happy, healthy chicken, beef, and pork.
 hafa.png The Hmong American Farmers Association (HAFA) is a member-based nonprofit organization that serves, supports and advocates for Hmong American farmers. Their mission is to advance the prosperity of Hmong American farmers and their families through economic development, capacity building, advocacy and research.
hoch.png Hoch Orchard and Gardens is a diversified organic fruit farm run by Harry and Jackie Hoch. All of the fruit on their farm is grown and certified organically. The farm has over fifty apple varieties planted, plus two acres of wine grapes, various berries tree fruits and livestock. 
iowa_food_hub.jpg Their food box program delivers local, fresh food each week to worksites, schools, or churches. Their service area is within 150 miles of Decorah, Iowa. (Tradeshow only)

Jamazing! was started in 2012 and is your source for great homemade jams and jellies - all made from fresh, local, high-quality products and handcrafted in microbatches in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


JonnyPops manufactures natural smoothies-on-a-stick, made with wholesome ingredients like real fruit and cream. Offering both grocery and wholesale cases, and a commitment to a healthier world.  (Festival only)


K'uun Coffee, is a family owned coffee roasting company located in the City of Calmar, that prides itself in sourcing and custom roasting premium Fair Trade coffees from around the world.


Kakookie: Based in Plymouth, MN, Kakookies are nutrient dense homestyle cookies,ideal for athletes & people with fast-paced lifestyles. No gluten, no dairy, no egg.

kalona-supernatural.jpg Kalona Organics create products that are among the most supremely natural and nutritious dairy products on the market. They believe in doing less—not more—when it comes to their food. Their milk comes from small, sustainable farms with average herds of 35 cows. Kalona SuperNatural products taste fresh, and they are fresh.
kaveli.jpg Kits/Mixes with all of the unique, hard to find, all-natural ingredients, along with their treasured family recipes so you can experience the true taste of authentic home cooked Indian cuisine.
keewaydin_farms.jpg Keewaydin is a second generation farm that has been selling local product in the Twin Cities for ten years. They offer a wide range of produce included increasingly more season extension greens.
kinney_creek.png Kinney Creek is the first brewery to open its doors in Rochester, MN since the last one shut down over 90 years ago. They brew craft beer right on site! (Festival Only)
 last_course_sensations.jpg Last Course Sensations is a boutique bakery specializing in single-serving, hand-crafted desserts.
lily_blooms_kitchen.jpg Lily Bloom's Kitchen produces hand-crafted gourmet GLUTEN FREE baked goods including cookies, bars, muffins, desserts, macaroons, Poparoons and truffle pops. They have already been featured on Rachael Ray and in O, Oprah's magazine!
limespringsbeef.jpg A new beef processing facility dedicated to serving local, natural, organic, and emerging markets (Tradeshow only).
living_green_farm.png Living Greens Farm in Faribault, MN has revolutionized a sustainable, and commercially-viable, indoor vertical farming platform using aeroponic technology to grow healthy, great tasting herbs and leafy greens. What traditional farms grow on 200 acres, we grow on one with a patented growing platform that uses 95% less water and zero pesticides.

Local Burrito is based in Iowa City, IA and produce delicious frozen burritos. They are a locally sourced and organic based catering and wholesale company who buys directly from farmers to
produce frozen burritos.


Locust Lane Vineyards grapes are raised on a family farm in SW Minnesota. They process the grapes into food products in St Paul. They carry verjus & products made from verjus, pestos, jellies & also Minnesota's only state produced balsamic!

luckys_dressing.png From North Mankato, MN, Lucky's Popcorn Dressing produces and distributes naturally flavored honey mustards, Lousiana-style hot sauces, BBQ & specialty seasonal sauces.
mantorville_brewing.jpg Stagecoach Brewing Company is a small, family-owned craft brewery nestled on the banks of Brewery Creek in Mantorville, MN.
MN Hazelnut Foundation The MN Hazelnut Foundation strives to educate citizens on the multiple benefits hazelnuts can provide in a sustainble production system; advance hazelnuts as a perennial crop through continued research; promote the health, environmental, and social benefits of hazelnuts; demonstrate how hazelnuts can improve opportunities; and assist others wishing to learn more.
Next Chapter Winery From New Prague, MN, Next Chapte Winery is family owned and operated. They lovingly care for 3,000 cold hardy grape vines, barrel-aging their wine to give it a satiny finish. (Festival Only)
 nordic_creamery.jpg Nordic Creamery of Westby, WI offers a variety of handcrafted cheeses and butters made from some of the best and freshest goat's and cow's milk in the region.
 northern_vineyards.png Northern Vineyards Winery is one of the oldest of Minnesota’s wineries. They are located in Stillwater, Minnesota’s historic downtown. Their winery and vineyards are owned by the members of the Minnesota Winegrowers Cooperative. Northern Vineyards crafts over 30 wine varieties annually primarily from locally developed, cold hardy grape varieties that provide their wines’ wonderful flavors. (Festival Only)
 nots.jpg Nots! is an all natural sustenance snack made from sunflower. Eat them straight of the bag, as a cereal or in cooking and baking. Nots! make sunflower seeds more snack-able!
 philiafoods.jpg Based out of the Twin Cities, Philia Foods is bringing people together over delicious, locally sourced and preservative free Wisconsin feta cheese products.
pork_and_plants.jpg Based in Altura, MN, Pork and Plants organic farm specializes in pasture-raised Red Wattle pork, Milking Devon beef, chickens, muscovy ducks, geese, and turkeys, along with winter, greenhouse-grown vegetables.
RawBistro_MainLogo_FINAL.jpg Raw food for dogs, made with respect. 100% grass fed - free range - organic. Healthful and fetchingly tasty treats and raw bones too!  Located in Cannon Falls, MN.
redtable_meat.jpg Red Table Meat Co. promises integrity you can taste. Rooted in local farms and grounded in Northeast Minneapolis, “No Surrender” is the maxim that guides this small company. Red Table buys whole pigs from small, sustainable farms and collaborates with farmers to honor the pig from farrow and feed to humane slaughter. A studied craft results in a subtle and refined salumi that is immensely shareable.
regals.png Based in Rochester, MN Regals Catering and Concessions will be showcasing their new product Ajvar. Ajvar is a sauce only manufactured in the Balkan Region of Europe.
RHH_Logo.jpg River Hills Harvest Marketers, LLC distributes elderberry juice products (juice, jelly and honeyed cordial) made by River Hills Elderberry Producers, LLC through a growing retail network in the USA. Affiliated midwest farmer cooperatives grow and harvest elderberry from cultivated, wild-selected Sambucus canadensis berries (North American Elderberry).  Their mission is to provide wealth to the farmer and health to their communities. 
roots_chocolate.jpg Roots Chocolate makes fun, creative chocolates and confections. Made in small batches right on their farm in Wisconsin Dells, WI, each chocolate is created with a passion and love for the uniqueness that ingredients from their farm, local and global ingredients provide.
sadiassauce.jpg Sadias Sauce, of Minneapolis, MN, creates unique hot sauces that are sure to have you wanting more!
saintcroix_vineyards.jpg Saint Croix Vineyards was established in 1992. It is now one of Minnesota's premier wineries, winning numerous medals in national and international wine competitions. (Festival Only)
tipsy_pies.png Sara's Tipsy Pies creates real hand rolled pies and hand pies made with local wine, whiskey and craft beers.
sashas.png Hailing from Wisconsin, Sasha's makes all natural, hand made salad & sandwich dressings made with extra virgin olive oil, canola oil and apple cider vinegar. They are gluten free, extremely low in sodium and contain no artificial preservatives.
Simply Native Foods  

Simply Native Foods from River Falls, WI makes convenient, delicious and nutritious gourmet hot cereal made from specially processed, quick cooking, hand harvested organic wild rice, indigenous dried super fruits, seeds for protein and sweetener.


Simply Stoen's strives to make delicious, savory gluten-free baking mixes without the grit. They only use all natural ingredients, like real cocoa powder, with no preservatives. Each one of their ingredients is certified gluten-free and ELISA batch tested. There is no need to have tasteless gluten-free products ever again!  (Festival only)


Based out of Caledonia, MN, Sno Pac is an Organic Frozen Fruit and Vegetable producer, processor and distributor of local organic foods.


Spirit Creek Farm is the place to find Fermented Vegetables in the Midwest! What they make: Kim Chi (Korean inspired), Purple & Green Sauerkraut, Ginger Carrots, Curtido (Latin inspired), Beets and Garlic Dill Beans! They are committed to local, sustainable, organic farming. Nearly all of the ingredients in their fermented vegetables are from organic growers in the upper-Midwest; primarily northern Wisconsin region.


Squash Blossom Farm is a small, sustainable farm growing vegetables, chickens, turkeys, cattle, fish, and honeybees. Squash Blossom is currently constructing a certified kitchen for wholesale baking and on-farm events, in addition to offering a full CSA.


Stone's Throw is a marketing cooperative owned and operated by three Latino farm groups and two anglo farm groups. The Co-op is expanding services to two Latino farms in Austin and Owatonna (in addition to New Richland farm). (Tradeshow Only)

superior_salt.jpg From Grand Marais, MN, Superior Salt creates gourmet flavored sea salt handcrafted on the North Shore of Lake Superior from unrefined sea salt and local and organic ingredients.
sweet_harvest.png Sweet Harvest Foods produces the Mel-O Honey and PB Crave peanut butter product lines for the grocery market.
sweetland_orchard.jpg Sweetland Orchard produces Minnesota's original farmhouse hard cider. Located 40 minutes south of the Twin Cities, they grow apples and press and ferment cider on the farm.*
thedrystore.jpg The Dry Store will be exhibiting Gobbles, a cat and dog treat, is 100 % pure, natural, healthy, dried, raw turkey granules. No grain. No gluten. No preservatives. No added sweeteners. No antibiotics. No artificial flavorings or colors. Just turkey!
think_mint.png Out of Northfield, MN, Think Mint offers natural foods to customers for growing micro-greens right in their own kitchen. Micro-greens are very fresh, delicious and nutritious with up to 68x the vitamins of mature plants.
thomasinas.jpg Thomasina's Cashew Brittle is made is made by hand in small batches in Minneapolis, MN. Made with the best ingredients, you are guaranteed the finest Cashew Brittle ever. Plus, it's all natural, naturally gluten-free and preservative free.
thousand_hills.png Thousand Hills sources 100% Grass fed beef from Midwest family farms.
urbaltea.png Urbal Tea of Milwaukee, WI hand blends and packages small batches of dried herbs with fruits, flowers and roots to create healthy herbal infusions. All of their herbal blends are designed to be nourishing for the body without any caffeine or additives.
vikre_distillery.png Vikre Distillery is a craft distillery in Duluth, Minnesota dedicated to making innovative from-scratch spirits using grains, herbs, wood and water of the Lake Superior Watershed and greater Minnesota. (Festival Only)
villa_bellezza.jpg Located in Pepin, Wisconsin on beautiful Great River Road, Villa Bellezza produces award winning wines from local grapes grown in their own vineyards and the vineyards of their friends and neighbors. (Festival Only).*
vine_appetit.jpg Vine Appétit is a specialty food company dedicated to creating exceptional small batch wine jelly. The jellies reflect the characteristic flavor notes of the wines. Bright, Flavorful and Delicious.
whitewater_gardens.jpg Whitewater Gardens Farm is a small, diversified farm on the edge of the Whitewater Wildlife Area in Southeast Minnesota. Their mission is to create a sustainable farm that not only grows healthy, nutritious food, but also enhances the environment and contributes to a strong local community.
whitewater_wines.png Whitewater Wines is located in the bluff country of South East Minnesota. They have a large wine list with something for every palate and have received awards from both the International Cold Climate Wine Competition and the Mid-American Wine Competition. (Tradeshow Only)*
winehaven.jpg Family owned winery located in the heart of Minnesota's scenic Chisago Lakes. Each wine is crafted in a style that showcases the distinctive character of Winehavens vineyards. (Festival Only)
wisheepdairy_coop.jpg Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative (WSDC) is a Cooperative of 8 family farms. Sheep milk produced from these farms is either sold fluid or frozen to cheese plants or the milk is made into WSDC cheeses.
wwhomestead_dairy.gif Based out of Waukon, IA, WW Homestead Dairy is proud to introduce an all natural dairy product line, that are locally produced and processed. Their dairy products, including cream-line milk, butter, cheese, and ice cream.
 yellow_river_dairy.png Yellow River Dairy is a family owned and operated dairy goat farm in Northeast Iowa. All of their cheeses and dairy products are produced on-site using only their single-herd milk. Their goats are milked seasonally from spring to fall in order to stay true to their natural cycle. Without the stress of year round milking, their herd stays happy and healthy.

 * Wine, Beer and Spirits sampling will require purchase of a wristband and proof of legal drinking age.

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