Do you Luvafoodie?

by Kathryn Orme


Luvafoodie began as a dating website for single foodies in 2014. From there, it evolved into a brand dedicated to clean eating options for sweet treats in 2015. Starting off with caramels and chocolates, the ambitious owner, Michelle, has continued to grow her product line, most recently adding iced tea and all natural spice blends for humans and dogs. Michelle points out that many of the big companies selling spices add so many unnecessary ingredients, and it appears they don’t care about their customers’ health. Her spice line includes blends with no salt, because she knows that excessive salt can be a problem for some people. She emphasizes that she would never make or serve products that she wouldn’t consume herself. 


Part of Michelle’s mission stems from significant life experiences. She has dealt with heart disease and even suffered from a heart attack, which is part of why she makes sure to consume whole foods. She encourages others to do the same as she realizes how important nutrition is in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is why she has created spice blends, chocolates, caramels, and iced tea without fillers or unnecessary ingredients. She describes her products as “bursting with flavor without the addition of chemicals.” 


Michelle admits that she has “an addiction to create” and is proud of the fact that she has maintained her business for over seven years, despite the fact that people say, “most businesses fail before five years.”


She sees herself as a hard-worker and is determined to excel in the food business world. The positive feedback and thankfulness that customers provide are her main reason to continue building this business. She hopes to launch her brand nationally next year. Her products can be found online from Amazon, Walmart, and, as well as in-store at places such as Hy-vee and Kowalski’s, and of course, at FEAST!


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Kathryn Orme is a second year nutrition student at the University of Minnesota. She plans to become a Registered Dietitian and eventually open her own practice, specializing in sports nutrition. She’s interested in holistic nutrition as well and enjoys learning about local food businesses who share innovative ideas in the nutrition and agriculture fields.


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