Deep Rooted Sno Pac

By Lilah Doster



Peter Gengler and his family have worked hard to grow the best organic and processed frozen fruits and vegetables for the past 70 years. Their business, Sno Pac Foods, was established in 1943 by J.P. Gengler with the mission to create good quality food and share it with the community. Sno Pac Foods is a very family-oriented business based in Caledonia, Minnesota, that has been a part of the Gengler family for more than four generations.

This company finds interesting ways to stay connected to their past, such as the name of their company. Peter Gengler’s great-grandfather was a lumberjack back in the 1940’s after serving in WWII and he built his own man-made ice pond. He created his own shaved ice to preserve turkey meat, which is where the name Sno Pac Foods originated.

Sno Pac Foods is passionate about the health of those who eat their products as well the land they cultivate. The company is extremely vertically integrated which makes their company unique. Their business ranges from growing the food, processing the food, packing the food to advertising the food. This company has a handle on over 20 different products, with all organically grown, which include peas, green beans, edamame, carrots, and sweet potatoes. They farm about 3,000 acres a year, including some grains such as oats as part of the rotation.

All 54 employees of Sno Pac Foods get fulfillment knowing that people enjoy their products while having trust that the company will provide for them. Most of their advertising comes from word of mouth, however, they also advertise through magazines, catalogs and trade shows. You can spot them in the FEAST! Local Foods Magazine, and the 2021 FEAST! Local Foods Marketplace Festival on December 11 at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota. 



Lilah Doster is a junior at the University of Minnesota studying Dietetics. She is very passionate about nutrition and plans to become a Registered Dietitian. Currently, she is volunteering for Renewing the Countryside where she participates in virtual meetings, interviews FEAST! vendors, and helps share their stories. 


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