Criteria for Feast! Exhibitors

All Feast exhibitors must apply to take part in the event. Applications are reviewed by a jury of local-food professionals and must fit the following criteria: 

1. Use of locally grown or produced ingredients:

Our primary criteria is the use of locally grown ingredients in your product. However, we make exceptions to this for products with ingredients not available locally. For these, we would like to see additional certifications such as organic or fair trade. 

2. Geographic area:

This event is only open to businesses from Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.

3. Consumable product: 

The only products allowed at Feast are food or beverages. Non-consumable products or merchandise cannot be sold at Feast.

4. Licensing:

Your business must have the proper licensing to attend a publicly attended trade show and marketplace event. Out of state businesses may be required to obtain an additional Minnesota retail food license.

5. Zero waste:

This is a zero waste event, vendors must be willing and able to use compostable products for giving out samples. 





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