Awards Ceremony

Convening to recognize outstanding achievement


Exhibit Hall

To cap off the FEAST! tradeshow we gather together the food entrepreneurs, support services attendees, stakeholders, and invited media. Beginning with a message about the FEAST! Network, invited presenters will discuss their unique roles in local foods and present specific awards, including this year's FEAST! awards: Most innovative local sourcing, Most inspiring social benefit, and Most engaging booth.


FEAST! Network message

Tim Penny

Nicci Sylvester Award

FEAST! Network member Nicci Sylvester passed away November 30, 2018. This new award commemorates her dedication to supporting farmers through local sourcing.

Tim Wiste, Tonic Local Kitchen & Juice Bar


MDA Ready to Grow Award

Brian Erickson, MDA

Something Special from Wisconsin Award

Linda Murch, CTL Foods

Inspiring Social Benefit Award

Sai Thao, Compeer Financial

Most Engaging Booth Award

Bob Cole, Ag Ventures Foundation

Innovative Local Sourcing Award

Jess Joyce, Rochester Farmers Markets


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