Aspelund Winery Blossoms with Ingenuity

What started as planting some fruit and nut trees for their own personal use has blossomed into something much more. Bruce and Dawn Rohl’s 10 acre property now boasts a whopping 450 elderberry bushes, 150 apple trees, and 80 grapevines that they use to produce wine.



Aspelund Winery began when the Rohl’s realized they could only freeze and can so much fruit juice, fruit, jams and jellies for themselves. They knew they needed another outlet and since Bruce had experience making wine with his father growing up, it was a natural jump to become a home vintner.

Once they got started making their own wines, the Rohl’s began entering them into local fairs and contests in order to get impartial opinions of their wines. After winning several awards, the enthusiasm from friends and neighbors helped push Bruce and Dawn to start their own winery.


Aspelund Winery offers ten different wines for their customers. “Currently, the most favorite wine is our High Country Spice,” says Bruce. “It is a tomato wine with a salsa influence which tastes like a Bloody Mary.”

High Country Spice Pairings

  1. Pizza

  2. Ravioli

  3. Spaghetti

  4. Lasagna

  5. Tortilla chips

  6. Beer chaser

  7. Chili

He also suggests that you pair the wine with a skewer of cheddar cheese, a spicy meat, celery and cherry tomatoes, much like with a Bloody Mary served.

You can find Aspelund Winery sampling  their creations at the third annual Feast! Local Foods Marketplace festival this year.

When asked what made the Rohl’s decide to participate in this event, they answered, “At Aspelund Winery we use local produce for our wine, and Feast! is just a natural fit in our advertising plan”.


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